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Spray Anano diffuser is the smartest way to carry Sanitizer

Spray Anano diffuser is the smartest way to carry Sanitizer

Spray Anano diffuser is the smartest way to carry Sanitizer

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The Best All-Surface Nano Diffuser™ on the market

A nano diffuser is the smartest way to carry Sanitizer.

You can use it on all surfaces without a problem: your mobile phone, your keyselevator buttonselectronic devicespoles on public transportation... even your clothes or and groceries before storing them.

 A nano diffuser is the smartest way to carry Sanitizer. You can use it on all surfaces without a problem: your mobile phone, your keys, elevator buttons, electronic devices, poles on public transportation... even your clothes or and groceries before storing them. 

Condition: 100% 
Battery Capacity: 550mAh
Atomization Amount: 1.25-1.45ml/min
Material: Atomization Chip, Integrated Circuit
Conditions of Use: Charging and Adding Liquid
Water Tank Capacity: 30ml
Atomized Particles: 0.3μm
Charging Time: 2-3 hours
Color: White, Pink (optional)
Size: Approx. 35*35*103 mm / 1.4*1.4*4.1 in
Weight: Approx. 56g / 2 oz

 USB charging, mini size and lightweight, easy and convenient to carry or use.

  • 30ml water tank capacity for a consistent water replenishment, more convenient to use.
  • All-around water replenishment, can be used on face, hands, body, hair, etc, reducing skin sensitivity.
  • Can effectively replenish dry skin and adjust water and oil balance of the skin, making your face look bright and with good complexion.
  • Adopts nano atomization technology, atomizes liquid into nano-sized small molecular particles, which can penetrate directly into the deep layer, achieving better absorption.

The Nano Sprayer

Converts liquid into nanoparticle fog, optimizing the tank’s duration.


USB Port

Charge it using the included cable. A single charge will last you for the entire day.


Conveniently pour in 50% or higher Rubbing Alcohol liquid solution into the bottle. (Not Included) Available at most grocery stores and dollar stores.

We designed the sprayer to have an ultra-fine mist for easy and convenient sanitizing anywhere, anytime on just about anything.


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